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About Us

At Classy Canine Dog Psychology, we are passionate about helping dogs and their owners achieve a better understanding and relationship. Our services include socialization days, classes, and board and training programs, all designed to help you and your dog thrive.

Our Story

Classy Canine Dog Psychology was founded with the goal of creating a better life for dogs and their owners. Justine works closely with each dog and owner to develop a personalized training plan that meets your specific needs. Justine learned from Todd Langston, who worked directly with many well-respected dog trainers, including Cesar Milan. With her expertise and years in the dog industry, your furry friend is in the best hands.


We believe that every dog deserves a loving and supportive home, and we are dedicated to helping you create that environment for your furry friend. Our service offering allows you to ensure that you and your dog learn and grow together.

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