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Jaz and Izzy at Classy Canine Dog Pyschology

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What Our Happy Clients Say

Review from Client
"Classy Canine is a miracle worker. Justine is so knowledgeable on training and is amazing at helping you become knowledgeable on how to handle your dog as well. Our dog went to her absolutely chaotic and out of control. We chose the 6 week program and in that 6 weeks she has transformed into an amazing, manageable and well behaved dog. She is a totally different dog than she was 6 weeks ago. Justine has so much care and compassion towards them as well. It is a great feeling to know my dog is with someone that I have full confidence and trust in to treat my dog with love and kindness. I can’t recommend Classy Canine enough!"

Kelsey, Facebook Review

Review from Client
"I can’t say enough good things about Justine and Classy Canine! My Golden Retriever, Max, has spent time there for behavioral and obedience training, and WOW what a difference it has made! He follows commands and respects boundaries so much better. Justine was flexible and absolutely fantastic to work with."

Jen, Facebook Review

Review from Client
"We have been using CCDP for a few years now to board our dogs when we were gone. Our dogs were always excited to see them and I was relieved they’d be somewhere where they’d be both safe and exercised daily, something that wasn’t received in traditional boarding places... When one of our dogs started having behavior problems - resource guarding and some aggressive type behavior towards our other dog and pets, we knew who to call. Skye spent 5 weeks with them in their behavioral training boarding program and came home a completely different dog. It wasn’t until then I realized I had never seen my dog completely relaxed. Justine was always very helpful and so patient with answering all of our questions, spending additional time working with our other dog to make sure the pack was balanced at home and even gave us advice for our kitty. We had 2 in home sessions and attended the doggy socialization class. The skills we learned were invaluable and completely changed the way we interacted with our pets. I cannot explain to you how much relief I felt after learning how to be an effective pack leader and my dogs actually listened. She was also very kind to our son and daughter and worked with them and us to ensure a successful home environment. I highly recommend Classy Canine Dog Psychology and Justine, and have already referred several people. She’s knowledgable about everything and continues to be an amazing and supportive resource."

Nikki, Facebook Review

Review from Client
"If you have a dog that needs training, we highly recommend Classy Canine of Wyoming, MN. We adopted a 1 1/2 year old dog from a shelter that turned out to be highly reactive to other people, dogs, and vehicles. In a 2 week train and board session, Classy Canine was able to turn that around in ways we alone would not have been able to do! We got back a different dog! They are competent, thorough, and professional. Great work - thank you Justine and Lee."

Pat & Curt, Facebook Review

Review from Client
"I have a extremely shy, sweet corgi. She had her first socialization day I saw improvements her demeanor has changed I am very impressed with Classy canine they know exactly what to do and they're very  knowledgeable they take the time  to explain  how dogs communicate and will answer any questions that I have and what we should do at home. We have only been there three times. and I am so impressed by the improvements I am seeing I highly recommend these guys and I am so very grateful for classy canine you can sure tell they love what they do"

Vennessa, Facebook Review

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